COVID-19 Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification by Artificial Intelligence

Restriction of travel and movement; Prohibition of freedom of speech; Prohibition of protests; Prohibition of family and friendly gatherings; Silencing and demonizing the opposition; Forced closure of businesses; Restricting access to education and healthcare; Restriction of free-breathing and walks in nature; Introduction of mandatory vaccinations; Introduction of immunization passports and contact tracking; Establishment of quarantine camps; Normalizing physical and mental abuse of children... If someone still does not see what is happening and believes that governments are protecting us from the virus, then the intellect is definitely not his strength!

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In early 2020, humanity was once again told that it was facing a deadly pandemic that would take hundreds of millions of lives. Months later, once again, it turned out that none of the predictions of the media propaganda happened. The average age of the officially deceased from COVID-19 in Bulgaria was 75 years, but the average life expectancy in our country is only 74. However, through concerted insane actions against a hypothetical problem, the government almost destroyed the economy, leaving hundreds of thousands of families without a livelihood and ruined the key to the future and our national security - health and education systems. No one dared to ask why the incidence was many times higher in the countries with the strictest measures than in those where there were none?

What was really going on all over the world, and where did this unprecedented political "concern" for the health of the population suddenly come from? For years, millions of people on Earth have died of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and malnutrition, but so far no media or government has shown that they care. How did everyone suddenly become obsessed with a relatively harmless seasonal flu and start scaring us around the clock with the number of newly infected?

ИГРА НА БОГОВЕ I Възходът на падението

In an unprecedented way, we see most governments around the world pursuing the same policy at the same time. This large-scale and highly coordinated undertaking between states, some of them even in hostile relations, speaks of only one thing - the existence of a supranational group operating in the shadows, which has real power and dictates the fate of the people. What is happening is fully compatible with the globalist plan for a unified world government with a new financial and monetary system to exercise totalitarian control over a greatly reduced population. There are thousands of pieces of evidence in every way, and the strategy was announced back in 1992 in a UN document on a sustainable development program known as Agenda 21.


Today, for many people, it turns out that COVID-19 is not the imaginary "deadly virus" lurking on TV, but the intelligence test they failed in reality. Even if we accept with pure heart, brazenly and brazenly manipulated the numbers of "victims of the virus", the mortality rate is still so minimal that apparently what they call a "vaccine" and so persistently propagandize in their desire to inject everyone, there is quite another purpose…

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