1. The disease "covid" is not caused by a virus, but by nanoparticles. That is why the virus isolate of "covid" was never found in the whole world - because there is no such virus. Symptoms are induced by dispersing  nanoparticles in the athmosphere. Nanoparticles look a lot like viruses, but they are NOT viruses. A pLandemic of this magnitude is staged with nanoparticles, not viruses, because nanoparticles are controllable and viruses are not.

2. The "covid tests" cannot detect a virus. First of all, because there is no such virus. Second, the inventor of the PCR test himself states that the PCR test is not designed to detect viruses. The PCR test is designed to gather DNA samples. The DNA that is taken with the PCR test is human, not viral DNA.

These are not viruses

3. In order to mislead people that the goal of the pLandemic is mass vaccination, the focus of all the media was deliberately concentrated on vaccines: whether they are safe and effective or not; what substances they contain and what damage they cause. The truth is that NOT the vaccines, but the "tests" were the main goal of the pLandemic. It is with the "tests" that the DNA signal that each person emits is copied and digitized. This signal is specific to each individual and can be used as a "tracking chip" that each person carries within themselves from birth. No need to inject an additional “tracking chip” in order to control people.

4. The function of the vaccines is to introduce graphene oxide into the body to increase the electrical conductivity of the tissues. And the electrical conductivity of the air is increased with the daily spraying of aluminum nano-particles by planes. All this is done to build the digital control network called Smart Cities or the Internet of Bodies.

5. There are many people in the world who have neither been "vaccinated" nor given their DNA signal through a "covid test". A new global pLandemic is planned to be staged in order to take everyone's DNA signal and to build up the so-called Smart cities (digital concentration camps). It is entirely up to us whether the globalists' plans succeed or fail. Please, share this info to everyone you care about!

Authors: Iliyan Nedev, Nevena Stancheva, Darina Yordanova