Australian Prime Minister Dan Andrews has passed a law banning the cultivation of his own food. A bill amending the Agriculture Act of 2022 passed the second reading in the National Assembly. The reason for the change is biosecurity ..?

Expanding the powers of law enforcement agencies, searching the property of people without an order, increasing fines from $ 1,800 to $ 10,000 for providing false or misleading information are part of the new bill.

Authorized officials will no longer need the landowner's consent to remove the crops and kill their animals.

Authorized officials will no longer be required to present an official identity document. There are even severe penalties for obstructing their access to private land.

Do you remember how 3 years ago our supposed Bulgarian government killed the animals in Strandzha without proving that they were sick?

AUSTRALIA: Authorities have passed a bill banning people from planting their own vegetables and fruits and keeping their own animals for food.

The draft law amending the legislation in agriculture from 2022 was adopted in the second reading in the parliament. "Biosecurity" is cited as the "reason" for the changes.

This is not a surprise, as it is in full sync with Agenda 2030 and Elite's plans to deprive us of health and make us completely dependent on the system by banning the consumption of organic food, replacing it with synthetic chemicals.

For the same reason, authorities in China are already entering people's homes and literally collecting all their food supplies from refrigerators, then locking their occupants under house arrest.

Meanwhile, Queensland Australia has passed a law threatening anyone not vaccinated with 6 months in prison or a $ 13,800 fine…

Fascism is in full force and the only way to stop it is to leave the WHO as soon as possible, because with the legal changes that are being prepared, what is happening in China and Australia will be transferred to our country!