We received information from the Varna port that new COVID 'tests' (collecting DNA), new 'vaccines,' beds, mattresses, barriers, checkpoints, and full evacuation equipment are being imported. Military and medical personnel are being prepared for mass injection with graphene oxide and RNA in the conditions of group evacuation!

Under the pretext of the danger of a nuclear attack, the population will be crowded into specially equipped premises, stadiums, and halls (such as Arena Armeec).

There, they will perform MANDATORY MASS 'VACCINATION' 'for your own good' and supposedly to 'protect' other people. That's why the media doesn't stop reporting on new cases of COVID.

This is the globalists' Plan B for the comprehensive injection of the world population with graphene oxide and gene 'therapies' with RNA. Under the pretext of the danger of a nuclear attack, a state of emergency will be declared, and people's rights will be suspended.

Ядрен апокалипсис

They will use the fear of a possible end of the world again.

On 04.10.2023, early warning systems for the danger of a nuclear attack were tested worldwide. The systems were tested both in Russia and in the USA, JUST BEFORE THE 'CONFLICT BETWEEN HAMAS AND ISRAEL DEVELOPED. Fact!

Please, pass on this message to everyone you care about:

1. Information about the danger of a nuclear attack will be FAKE! Do not succumb to fear!

2. Do not get on evacuation trucks!

3. Do not enter halls/bunkers for evacuation!

4. Do not allow your civil rights to be taken away under the pretext of an 'emergency situation'!

5. Under no circumstances allow yourself to be euthanized voluntarily, under the pretext of being vaccinated. Like any other person born in this place, you have the right to life and must defend it with all your might!

In practice, what is described above is the Plan B of the Globalists, because Plan A is on the verge of failure. This scenario has been prepared for more than 10 years!

Authors: Nevena Stancheva and Darina Yordanova