Hi, celebrity prostitutes, bribed politicians, controlled media whores, thug law enforcers on a power trip and indocrtrinated allopathic drug pushers we don’t want your dangerous killer fertility damaging experimental shitty quack scenes.We don’t want your discriminatory segregation passport system nor your stepford wife social credit system. We don’t join cults, we aren’t germоphobes, we know the law, we know how to read statistics, we know how to think for ourselves, and we know what narcisstic abuse looks like. We don’t wanna be China! You don’t govern us and we claim our birthrights. Frankly, we are moving on without you. The trance like hypnotic suggestions and brainwashing just didn’t take with us. We aren’t of a fluoride stare, tv level adolescent mind who falls prey to drama and peer pressure. So you can prance around with your drоoling repetitive embarrassing and flailing advertising campaign all you like but to us it reeks of desperation, shows us what pathological liars you are and only highlights those sellouts who sold their souls to the agenda. But good luck! You’re gonna need it! 

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