What we are witnessing today are not the consequences of any accidental devolution or degradation of modern civilization. Targeted brain control has been exercised over the world's population for years, and its development began in the middle of the last century with the CIA program known as MK-Ultra. Despite the official claim that the program was long overdue, in reality, the application of its techniques has never stopped.

Is it a coincidence, in your opinion, that they renamed the COVID strains with the same names as those of the brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma? Do you know what Delta brain waves correspond to? Meet the state of deep sleep. It is hard to deny the elegance of the mockery that the Elite exerts on the herd and how they show that if someone still doesn't see the reality, he is definitely deadly asleep.

The impact of MK-Ultra on perceptions is so strong that when you talk to a person under its influence, it's literally like talking on a wall because he does not assimilate anything other than what he is programmed to do. It has been experimentally proven that you can tell absolutely everything to people in a state of brain control, you can even explain to them in detail that they are currently undergoing it, but they will not process this information when the program design is set to filter sabotage data.


source: GAME OF GODS I - The Rise of The Fall