In this paper we discuss why it is not possible to develop an effective covid vaxxine. We argue that the pathogen of the disease is not a virus per se but a nanoparticle. So covid is not a viral disease but a nanotoxicosis/chemical pneumonitis J60-J90. Thus it is not possible to create a vaxxine against nanoparticle poisoning. A scientific discussion whether the patogen is accually a “virus” or a nanoparticle need to be conducted.

Keywords: nanotoxicosis, nanoparticle, viral etiology


The present paper is inspired by Robert Young's meta-analysis of 1700+ peer reviewed scientific papers on covid vaxxines adverse effects: “1750+ COVID VaXXine Publications and Case Reports Citing Adverse Effects Post COVID VaXXination”, published on 9 July 2022. We noticced that all the authors assume that the pathogen is actually a virus. Actually the genome of so called “virus” is not sequenced nor does the pathogen meet the Koch postulates. Thus it is premature to assume viral etiology. Similar symptoms can be caused by other agents such as prions, nanoparticles etc.


Human cells produce antibodies not only against viruses but against bacteria, prions, EM radiation, nanoparticles etc. So the presence of antibodies does not prove that the organism has met a virus per se. Similar symptoms (nausea, fever, anosmea, cough, vomiting, pneumonia, bronchitis) can be caused by nanoparticles poisoning. When the level of nanoparticles (Al, Be, V, Cr, Pb, Ni, and other nanoaerosols) in the environment and in the body is high polyorgan toxicosis occurs. In the literature there are not enough scientific papers discussing the differential diagnosis between so called covid "viral" etiology and nanotoxicosis.

Fig. 1. Different types of nanoparticles: TEM (a, b, and c) images of prepared mesoporous silica nanoparticles with mean outer diameter: (a) 20nm, (b) 45nm, and (c) 80nm. SEM (d) image corresponding to (b). The insets are a high magnification of mesoporous silica particle.

Any virus artificial or natural has limited infectious capacity. Usually viruses quickly lose their virulence when they meet the cohort's immunity.

Nanoparticles look very much like viruses; they have the same size; they can cause the same symptoms if programmed but nanoparticles never lose their capacity to infect. Novadays many diseases are cured by nanoparticles but nanoparticles can cause any symptoms as well, incl. so called covid.

no virus

Fig. 2. So called covid is caused by nanoparticles not by a virus

As we know the genome of the so called virus has never been fully sequenced. May be the reason is because the pathogen is NOT a virus but a nanoparticle that looks very much like a virus, and nanoparticles have no genome.

Therefore a fully functioning vaxxine can not be produced. That is why the so called vaxxines are not effective at all and vaxxinated people get reinfected (poisoned) again and again. The so called vaxxines are not vaxxines at all but operation systems with lipid nanoparticles and mRNA for gene editing. The presence of graphene oxide in all so called vaxxines causes different injuries in different individuals, thus 1700 case studies of adverse effects analysed by dr. Robert Young. The efforts of those 1700 + authors are in vain if it turns out that the patogen is not actually a “virus” per se and so called vaxxine is just an operating system to introduce lipid nanoparticles and mRNA in the human body.

The protocol for treatment of covid infection in most hospitals is absolutely wrong, even deadly. Usually the patients are treated with antibiotics and artificial ventilation which cause worsening of symptoms and even death because the protocol for treatement of nanotoxicosis is exactly the opposite. The invasive ventilation (IV) additionally burns the bronchi wich were damaged by nanoparticles. Detoxication is very much needed and no antibiotics.


A fully functioning vaxxine against covid can not be made and introduced, because it is not possible to develop a vaxxine against nanotoxicosis. It is like creating a vaxxine against stove burns. A discussion and a thorough study whether the pathogen is actually not a virus but a nanoparticles is very much needed. We believe to use the proper terms would benefit the science, namely we must stop to label the covid patogen “a virus”, but a nanoparticle and we must stop to label those solutions “vaxxines” but “operational systems” with graphene oxide.


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Authors: Nevena Stancheva, Atanas Milushev, Darina Yordanova