Address to the nation and the world by the author of the book Game of Gods I The Rise of the Fall

Travel and movement restrictions, restrictions on freedom of speech, restrictions on protests, restrictions on family and friends` gatherings, and efforts to silence and demonize the opposition; forced company close down, restricted access to healthcare and education, restrictions on free breathing and nature hikes, and the implementation of vaccine requirements; introduction of vaccination passports, contact tracing, quarantine camps, and normalization of adult and child physical and mental abuse... Intelligence is clearly not someone's superpower if they continue to fail to grasp what is happening and believe that governments were protecting us from a virus.

Hello, I am Angel Angelov, the author of the book Game of Gods I The Rise of the Fall. If you haven't heard of it, it's the first part of a personal project (trilogy) that I began more than two years ago that entails producing books and movies that aim to explain reality with help of logic and reason. Although the concept for this project actually dates back much further, the events of the early 2020s inspired me to move forward with it more quickly. I'm making this appeal to all Bulgarians because evil has descended upon our nation, and if we do not act swiftly, not only will we lose many family members and friends, but our daily lives will soon become a dystopian nightmare.

We are living in tumultuous times of transition between two civilizations, and what we are seeing is far from a series of coincidences, as the media would have us believe.

It is nearly impossible to see the link between the various events that the society is going through when one just receives information from official sources. Someone intentionally cuts you out of the context if they tell you ‘what's occurring’ without explaining ‘why it's happening’. The arbitrariness evaporates, events connect, and what previously seemed to have happened by accident becomes a very apparent pattern, driving us in the direction of a predetermined course, but only if you understand what has been planned, who planned it, and how he will carry it out. The time for speaking in allegories and innuendos is over, and I am aware that many of you will find what I have to say to be absurd. Unfortunately, most people find themselves in a world that is entirely different from the reality in their thoughts. Their minds are imprisoned in a lie that is perpetuated by dishonest media propaganda around-the-clock. They are unable or unwilling to believe that things are different in reality. In essence, these people have abandoned reason and transferred all of their responsibilities to the ‘experts’ on TV, who then mock and viciously vilify whatever alternative reality they have created. I, for one, have long since stopped worrying about whether the ‘deeply fallen asleep’ audience, trolls, and covidiots will attempt to mock, degrade, or denigrate my words. I don't know why, but somehow, I don't find it funny to see the government routinely violate our fundamental human and constitutional rights; how they required the injection of a lethal toxin—mislabeled as a vaccine—into the bodies of anyone willing to work, shop, and in some countries, even go outside. Even more so, when they were torturing them and keeping them as slaves while wearing oxygen-limiting and irreversibly brain-damaging masks, I didn't find it funny when they were testing and infecting our children with God knows what on a regular basis. The facts are protected against erroneous arguments, so let the foolish laugh as much as they want—their arguments are absolutely meaningless.

Regardless of what we say, the people of the globe are being brought to their knees by an unidentified enemy working via the companies that wield actual power and manipulate national leaders. Humanity is the target of a declared and ongoing silent world war. This is a blatant genocide against the entire human race, not a conflict between nations. The pernicious aspect of their ‘soft’ strategy is that the victim is unaware of their own predicament and do not take any precautions to safeguard themselves. The fact that one side is not fighting back makes what we are seeing resemble extermination more than an actual combat. Even if there are already hundreds of millions of dead, most people are still unaware that they are on the front lines.

As I have already stated, the era of understatement is over, so take anything I say literally!

The situation hasn't been this dire in a while; the genocide has been going on for years, and we're only now in the latter stages of it. The unknown enemy has taken over the healthcare, education, media, energy, defense, and banking systems of almost every nation in the known world by integrating itself into the governments. He has replaced the actual health science with a modern petroleum pseudo-medicine, referring to it as ‘traditional. He does this because, in order to reach his goal undeterred, he must first rob us of our health because health, truth, and freedom are the three major pillars for a society's success. If one of them breaks down, the whole structure is destroyed.

Only someone in good health can stand up for the truth. Only those who are aware of the truth are liberated. Only the liberated ones can be healthy.

The enemy also exterminates us by using  carcinogenic chemicals, which they regularly spray from the air and inject into our food, in addition to offering fake medicine, which kills tens of millions of people annually. But the fact that it has attacked not only people, but all of nature confounds me and makes me wonder about its biological roots. Even carbon dioxide is actively being demonized, with efforts made to not only cease its creation, but also to develop methods for removing from the atmosphere what is already there, I would want to remind everybody who did not pay attention in class that this gas is essential to plant nourishment and that photosynthesis is impossible without it. They've actually been attempting to 'remove' the Sun from the 'plants' meals' for years by shading it. It is imperative that the remaining population awakens, and that humanity mobilizes to fight back. Remember, these creatures have been influencing mankind since the beginning of time. I've been hearing a lot of folks in the media lately who are only half-awake remark, ‘I'm not anti-vaxxer, I just don't believe in the COVID-19 vaccine’. However, I would question them right away how and when they initially started being vaxxers. Why did they think that putting microorganisms and chemicals into their blood would strengthen and support their immune system? Have they ever questioned why, for instance, neonates are immunized against sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis B? If they consider themselves intelligent and critical thinkers, they should. Will the kids engage in sexual behavior that the state is so eager to ‘protect’ them from? Did you know that the human immune system does not fully develop until the sixth month? Prior to that, the newborn receives antibodies from the mother's breast milk because the system for producing its own antibodies has not yet been developed. In reality, babies lack an immune system that would respond to the so-called "vaccines" they are given. So, what precisely are they being injected with and why?

Anyone with a functional brain can see that the purpose of forcibly imposed official medicine is far from health care when they consider the insane fact that, in direct violation of all biological laws, dangerous and toxic foreign agents are introduced into the delicate human body immediately after birth. The only person, who would not notice and recognize how the same doctors, media, authorities, and experts, who led them to believe in the "magic" of vaccines are now actively encouraging him to inject himself with an untested medicine, is someone who is profoundly asleep. Do you believe that,  until lately, they were well-wishers but that all at once, they all went crazy? Don't you find it interesting how, with each passing year, the Pharmafia's sales expand along with the number of patients? The major problem with the natural immunity, which has been officially declared illegal, is the fact that it is free of charge. In fact, considering that all the animals used in its testing have perished, the poison you are endorsing today isn't even a medication. Instead, it is a proven biological weapon. It is no coincidence that the European Commission's contracts for the provision of COVID vaccinations were kept secret, even from the MEPs, and that, in response to their request for declassification, they were sent black pages with unintelligible text.

The so-called COVID vaccines are actually attempts to alter human DNA and transform us from biological to synthetic creatures. Both the Devil and his followers distort reality. While they keep us in our houses and restrict us from working, they claim to care about our liberty and prosperity. Although vaccines claim to strengthen our immune systems, their only function is to obliterate them.

They do, of course, occasionally ease the yoke a little and ‘sprinkle’ in a few freedoms to increase loyalty.

Nothing you've ever learned about the world—neither history nor the location we call home—has anything to do with reality. They control us so thoroughly that they manipulate us down to the level of words, continuously altering the meaning of words. Not only is it desired to be unable to talk, but also to think ideas that are not permitted. Alongside their plan to dismantle the family and eradicate the ideals of ‘parent’,’mother’, and ‘father’, they are deliberately perverting and heinously sexualizing children. Through media propaganda, they constantly bombard our consciousness, distracting us from the important issues with pointless intrigues and rumors. They feminize men because the alpha males are the ones that need to be eliminated in order to take over a civilization. Only they are actually able to stand up to injustice and defend their progeny and women. A society that lacks confidence and respect is an easy prey for any predator.

The era of the never-ending war on terror started more than 20 years ago. Because the adversary is fake, the war will never be won, but the idea of it gives governments the power to deprive citizens of their rights and treat them like potential criminals. Following a similar pattern two years prior, they proclaimed a new perpetual war against an even more fictitious adversary—the virus. They were able to strip people of their inviolability over their bodies in addition to their initial advantages as a result of it. Many of you will likely be surprised to learn that COVID-19 and other viruses have not yet been isolated in any laboratory anywhere in the world, and the postulates have never been used to demonstrate the Kochian viral infections. The germ theory is still simply a theory, not a fact, two centuries after it was first proposed. This demonstrates unequivocally what a fake world we live in and how blatantly dishonest the entire vaccination industry is. Considering that the so-called "causing virus" that they are meant to contain is simply an idea. What from and how do these injections protect us? Above all, do these injections protect us? The fact that the word ‘vaccine’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘cow’ and subtly suggests that it is intended for cattle is no coincidence.

You only need to put two and two together to realize that vaccines are anything but drugs designed to protect you from infections. Modern medical pseudoscience and its achievements are built on the unsubstantiated notion of the existence of viruses. The bitter truth is that the body only produces the antibodies in response to the poisons in them, not because of their non-existent ‘active ingredient’, no matter what information mainstream researchers uses as proof of their effectiveness it refers to the increased titers of antibodies after vaccination. Antibodies don't mean anything on their own, and depending on the circumstances, a doctor may tell you've been ill if you have them, and another time - that you have had the vaccine, hence the antibodies.

Vigilant citizens of Bulgaria legally requested reports data from independent experts and scientists in the country, including virologists, infectious disease doctors, microbiologists, etc., which was provided to the government of Bulgaria from the start of the pandemic until the present and represents scientific studies proving that a coronavirus with the SARS-CoV-2 splice variant was responsible for the outbreak at the beginning of 2021.

What do you believe the official response to be? The information you requested is not in the possession of the Ministry of Health, and there is no information available regarding its location. Because of this, the National Assembly rejected the ‘Vazrazhdane’ party's request to create a temporary committee to gather all the information on anti-epidemic measures against COVID-19 that were implemented on Bulgarian soil. In our opinion, they are correct when they acknowledge that they lack independent information confirming beyond a reasonable doubt the origin of the alleged pandemic that they declared on March 13, 2020, placing free Bulgarians under house arrest. As a result, all restrictions, laws, and penalties put in place in connection with the fictitious tragedy are illegal because there is no evidence to support them when checked in our country! And those who pushed them through ought to be apprehended and called to account for the alleged act of national treason carried out following a foreign order. Naturally, both the guarantors and their accomplices face urgent criminal responsibility in front of the numerous executive authority bodies for the crimes against humanity perpetrated, including the mutilation and forced injection murder of a large number of fellow citizens. Be aware that the Nuremberg Code, which was enacted after the Nazis were executed for using human beings as experimentation, is still in force and applies internationally. When this perversion is over, everyone will be liable to punishment and a trial, including the medical personnel who injected the duped population with the COVID vaccination. In essence 'vaccinated' didn't provide their informed permission because the exact contents the medicine they were given by injection was kept hidden, which is against the law. Such would be the fate of the media and journalists that scare the public every day with fabricated data, reporting fictitious numbers of virus victims when, in fact, not a single autopsy of a deceased person has been performed to corroborate their claims. Don't forget that pervasive censorship, which promotes only one point of view (a trait of any dictatorship), robs society of its right to informed consent. Both the local media and major web platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. will bear responsibility for this egregious code violation.

If anyone is still confused about what is truly happening, the COVID-19 virus for the Elite is actually us humans, and the treatment they give us in the form of a vaccine is actually the solution.

Based on the findings of a test that even its author admits is useful for purposes other than identifying viral diseases, they declared a global pandemic. They invented the phrase ’asymptomatic patient’, which refers to everyone healthy with a false positive test, in order to hide the obvious. In doing so, they spat in the face of actual science and invented a new one. The truth is that the enemy of humanity has been focusing on our health for a long time. Fluoride is a carcinogen that has long been added to toothpaste and drinking water, among other ingredients, harming the brain and stifling intellectual development. Perhaps this explains why such a sizable portion of the populace is woefully unprepared and unable to comprehend what is taking place. Even in the school yards and kindergartens, 5G networks are actively being developed despite the fact that their radiation and has long been acknowledged by science to be harmful. The oxygen cannot be extracted by hemoglobin and transported to the body's organs when exposed to the 60 GHz frequency because it interacts with the electrons in the oxygen molecule. Each 5G antenna can be compared to a loaded gun that is pointed in our direction, waiting for someone to pull the trigger by turning on the appropriate frequency. Similar violent tactics by Australian police on a group of peaceful protesters, including women and children, resulted in damage to their skin and internal organs.

In our insane fascist-schizophrenic society, chemical pneumonitis-causing preparations, like the infamous ‘smart dust’, are first purposefully dispersed in the atmosphere, and after people become ill, we are informed that too much ‘freedom’ spread the ‘virus’ and that strict regulations are required to keep us safe. The unvaccinated are portrayed as biological terrorists jeopardizing the health of the vaccinated herd since they did not inject themselves with the same vaccine that should have protected them. The zombified public is often trained to mockingly refer to everyone who disagrees with the new norms of the system as ‘anti-vaxxers’, ignorantly believing it to be some dreadfully derogatory label, while in fact it is the exact opposite. It is no coincidence that the word ‘vaccine’ is derived from ‘cow’; an anti-vaxxer is a person who does not identify as cattle. The rights of the healthy are restricted, and only those who have been ill and vaccinated are granted certificates as a result of perverse medical fascism. Everyone who is physically well is viewed as a threat to the new pharma-normal, which only accepts those who are ill or chemically impaired. In the meantime, everyone who dared to voice their concerns about what was taking place was immediately silenced, mocked, and stigmatized. The second stage of the genocide and the establishment of their despotic rule was the removal of the freedom of speech. This is the reason why from year to year, censorship becomes more and more harsh. Similar to how they did with medicine, they replaced the actual science with a fake one. Scientism is the newest and possibly most deadly religion since it entirely denies our spiritual nature and teaches that the only way for humans to advance is via unrestrained faith in unproven pseudoscience.

The phrase ‘Trust the science’ is one that propaganda works diligently to ingrain in our thoughts by repeating it nonstop from all conceivable ‘authorities’. But how can it be otherwise when it advertises itself as a fictional one rather than a genuine one, perpetually mired in its endless lies, and lacking any experimental evidence to support any of its claims? The simple phrase ‘Trust the science’ runs completely counter to the spirit of the scientific method, which involves constantly posing questions and validating nearly every thesis.

Currently, they refer to those who are resistant to propaganda as ‘anti-vaxxers’, but soon enough, ‘anti-Coke’ and ‘anti-Nestler’ will also be considered adversaries, and anyone who questions the necessity of using corporate products will generally be viewed as a terrorist and a criminal. The same science has been broadcasting to the general public for years that we are the result of cosmic chance and self-created out of thin air, that we spin and fly at incredible speeds on a fictitious globe, that we are descended from apes, that there are no biological sexes, that "mother" and "father" are incorrect words, and that children should be chemically castrated and reoriented from an early age. Children are taught about anal sex and masturbation today, and adults will be encouraged to engage in them together tomorrow by the same science. Do you firmly hold to this and fiercely support my despised vaccination proponents, national traitors, and obvious fools? Do not stray from the topic at hand and do not discount yourself; we are discussing the same science, physicians, experts, media, and political figures. In reality, everyone who proudly identifies as a ‘vaxxer’ supports the pedophiles and Satanists that rule the status quo. By the way, California is currently debating allowing the murdering of one-month-old newborns in order to justify their perverse rituals.

The so-called ‘Great Reset’, or the slavery of experiment survivors and restriction of their personal freedom, is the last step in the implementation of technocratic fascism. By 2030, according to its proponents at the World Economic Forum, often known as the billionaires’ club, we will possess nothing but be extremely content. You didn't think they would want to start over, did you? Why do you think the electronic document is getting so much attention? The green certificate was never issued primarily for the purpose of protecting against COVID-19, despite what the media openly leads us to believe. Consider this: it's absurd that you can't obtain a certificate for something that isn't even approved for usage in our country. The incriminating digital document illustrates how Chinese-style social credit system has crept into Western communities. Naturally, this will be implemented gradually, via the Overton Window, just like any unpopular changes. Regardless of whether a person has received a vaccine or has only been tested, they will first make sure that everyone receives a green certificate. It's much more crucial for them to enter your information into their database just once, so that they can continuously observe and model your behavior to decide what privileges you should have. If you follow instructions, you'll have some very standard rights. If not, those rights will be gradually stripped away, until eventually you won't be able to leave your house without being arrested. Therefore, under no circumstances should you obtain a green certificate, especially with the aid of a phony vaccine, since you will be giving them legitimacy for their behavior and aiding in your own slavery. The exact opposite should be done: a tremendous refusal to carry out any of the fascist, anti-humane, and unlawful policies they impose!

If you're still perplexed about why so many people have been subjected to forceful mass testing over the past two years, including children, know that the aim is to compile a database of every living person's DNA. Even more evil than you could have imagined is the Elite's devilish scheme to develop a rating system (smart prison). They intend to deliberately make us ill (of course, they will officially claim the exact opposite, that everything is done for prevention and round-the-clock health monitoring). They've developed the ideal biological weapon that can target a specific person based on their genetic make-up in practice. Accordingly, they declare, ‘We want to vaccinate you not only through injections, but also through the air (with chemtrails), through the food (with graphene), and even through GMO insects that bite you’. Simply because it's easier to swallow, the word "infect" was changed to "vaccinate." Morgellons parasites and killer nanobots have already been introduced into the body of each of us in one way or another, which, in order to be effective, must be constantly maintained in certain quantities. The next step is to create the relevant global DNA database, and thanks to 5G networks, which enable extremely massive information traffic concurrently from many sources, they will soon be able to use artificial intelligence to follow every person and smart gadget on Earth in real time. So, they have the ability to render anyone sick or dead from anywhere in the world by simply pressing a button. Is that not a command structure created in Hell?

The ultimate purpose of what is occurring is very obvious because it was made known to us beforehand through the United Nations' Agenda 21 program, which was later renamed Agenda 2030. This is what the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller and Bill Gates foundations, and other groups are up to; this is not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy reality that is readily available from their online platforms. The prediction is that a major portion of the Earth's population will have been sterilized by 2030. There won't be any families, kids will be generated and nurtured artificially, they'll be genetically altered, and they won't have any rights since the companies that own the patent on their genes will own them. Private property will be outlawed, and people will be herded into cities that resemble concentration camps, where they will be completely reliant on government handouts. They won't be permitted to cultivate their own food, use potable water, or access any other unrestricted natural resources that provide them with  independence. There will only be synthetic foods that have no nutritional value. Life expectancy will likewise plummet precipitously, and physical and mental health will be completely under the authority of the global government and its ruling companies. Because financially unburdened people are more difficult to control and hence an adversary of the system, businesses and the economy are currently being purposefully destroyed. As a condition of having the right to a job and a means of subsistence, the working class was made to be vaccinated. Its freedoms are connected to taking additional immune-suppressing booster doses every few months, anticipating even the strongest of them to fall one by one. It is not a coincidence that many regions of the world forbid blood donations from COVID-19 vaccine recipients. They might learn why if they get tested for AIDS.

The question of what we should do to preserve ourselves quickly arises if we take what has been said thus far as an introduction and a basic explanation of the situation.

I'll do my best to answer, but let's first explore how it's possible for one person to oversee global operations. What is the instrument, or rather the weapon, that makes everyone follow it? Of course, money comes first. In order to participate in the implementation of the measures, they order the officials to dig their own graves. But people at the top of the pyramid are far more vulnerable than you might think, as centralized government's strongest quality is also it’s the weakest. They are totally reliant on every floor below them, and if the chain breaks there, their strength vanishes in an instant. What use are a few politicians, for instance—pawns in the hands of the Elite—if the army and police below lack the desire to carry out their commands? Thus, the first action we must take once we retake power is to grant us the freedom to produce our own currency without the interference of a private central bank. The same holds true for any other country in the world that desires freedom!

The Elite propaganda machine will undoubtedly make every effort to persuade you that this is absurd and impossible to accomplish, but anyone with common sense would have long since consigned their operatives to hell.

The second action: a patent right on nearly everything other than a brand must be totally removed. They desire a new world order and epoch in human evolution, and they will succeed—but not according to their plan. Many individuals are unaware of the fact that patents play a direct negative role in the progress of the entire human civilization. The technologies that lead to slavery, disease, and dependence, like genetically modified foods and pharmaceuticals are patented, exploited, while those that bring us freedom, progress, and independence are suppressed, such as those related to the extraction of cheap or free energy. When the technical patent privilege is lifted, all of this will come to an end. Naturally, the propaganda machine will be working overtime to try to scare you into believing how bad this will be for our economy and progress, but I believe I've already told you where to send its operatives. Every technical advancement made in this world is a result of human knowledge and experience gained in the sphere of general information, and as such it is human property. No one should impede human development by taking technology away from people, but if someone can create it better than you and you want to purchase their product, that is your prerogative. Since they have been raised with a completely different and unnatural model of societal evolution, I am aware that most people will find such a concept absurd and to claim right on it is extremely difficult to even consider. However, for better or worse, the old world's days are numbered. They subjugate us through a number of tools, including money and patents. Their ultimate goal is to deny us of the rights that God has granted us by patenting even human genes. What makes you assume that these model RNA vaccines work? The primary objective is for the current generation to be entirely sterilized and for the subsequent generation to be made in a test tube with no rights because the company that developed it will own its DNA.

Of course, this is just a small portion of what the Elite has planned for the future. In reality, the actions committed thus far will look like innocent child's play in comparison to what awaits the survivors of the vaccination holocaust. Any citizen who has the "impertinence" to breathe will be subject to a personal carbon dioxide tax, according to the ruling satanists. They intend to outlaw the eating of organic food under the guise that it pollutes the environment and replace it with synthetic chemicals in daily rations that are smaller than those served in Nazi concentration camps. As I've already mentioned, they also want to control how much electricity and water are used for essential activities like bathing, washing, and even using the restroom. They want to restrict individual movement by means of transportation, the right to supply clothing and basic necessities, the right to own private property, including the right to live in nature, as well as the right to control physical activity, contacts, and interests. In general, they want to tie every aspect of an individual's life to a rating that restricts their rights. That is why they are working so hard to build 5G and the Internet of Things, without which it would be impossible to implement such evil tactics. They will use an even more fictitious global warming to explain the impending tyranny, just as they do to excuse fascist measures now with a made-up virus (which they have never isolated) (which they have been trying to simulate through chemtrails for decades). Contrary to popular belief, the Sun has not changed recently; rather, the thin nanophase through which the Sun's light enters our atmosphere has. In addition to acting as a magnifying glass and producing a greenhouse effect, the chemical mixtures that are continuously sprayed into the air also dramatically induce moles and other malignancies if they come into contact with skin.

The coming "green" agenda, "green agreement," or whatever they call it, has as its ultimate goal to imprison us in a digital concentration camp for good. This is exactly the World Economic Forum's ‘sustainable development’ concept, which was formally introduced to us in 2020 as part of the ‘Great Reset’, but which completely duplicates UN Agenda 21 that was established thirty years prior. The most crucial question now is: Will we permit it? Should we become free people or not? Numerous members of the so-called awakened community organize themselves in private Facebook and Telegram groups where they collaborate and share plans about how to survive in the wild. Unfortunately, these people have no idea what lies ahead since they think they can run away from the issue like ostriches rather than face it head-on and accept their fate in good grace. They will succeed as the Indians did when they fled to America in the past…

The Bulgarian Constitution's first article states that ‘All state power emanates from the people’. No segment of the population, political party, other group, government agency, or private person may appropriate the exercise of popular sovereignty. But what we have seen in the past two years more than ever is government`s brazenly and brutally violating citizen rights and the constitution, and the complete absence of any institution with the authority to defend us and punish offenders. Instead, we observe how the authorities consistently respond in the exact opposite manner. These dishonest national traitors serve the interests of foreign businesses rather than defending their people, and they attack anyone who dares to criticize vaccines (a recent example in our country is the attacks against Associate Professor Mangarov). Isn't it odd that a party aiming to impose experimental pharmaceuticals by force won the most recent elections in Bulgaria, a country with an 80 percent vaccination rate? Did the people or the businesses cast their votes in the end? Will there still be people who are unaware of what is occurring if Prime Minister Kiril Petkov threatens to place all residents under house arrest not for refusing to inject themselves with drugs, but rather for choosing water over Coca Cola, for example?

Nothing, absolutely nothing in this world, remains the same without freedom. Food loses its flavor, vacations become monotonous, watching movies gets tedious, and amusement becomes meaningless. Our greatest value is freedom, thus we must be prepared to sacrifice anything, including our lives, to protect it. It is a right that should always be defended and never be taken for granted. Without freedom, which is a state of mind, life has no purpose. Nowadays, the majority of people are discouraged and afraid to fight for it, but they profoundly fail to understand that the truly horrible thing will only occur if they lose it. What do you want your children to remember you by, you could ask? That you stood up and sacrificed your life for their freedom or that you lied to them and buried your heads in the sand? A large portion of the so-called awakened minority believes that the issue will be solved by itself or by non-violent actions like protests and legal actions. Unfortunately, it is completely impossible to do this. Do you really believe that the politicians in charge and the puppeteers who control them will consent to your democratic conviction of them? Or that the executive and judicial branches are separate, unsupervised entities? If you truly believe it, then you are merely fooling yourself into believing that you are awake.

Recognize that we can't put out fires forever; it's time to capture the arsonist. The truth is that nature doesn't give a damn about our values, no matter how human we try to act. Asking the buzzing mosquito to stop is absurd and useless. It might become terrified if you try to shoo him away, but it will quickly return. Killing the bloodthirsty parasite is the only effective remedy.

In our absurd situation, one side has declared war and is actively eradicating the other, who instead of responding by fighting back, complains and files a lawsuit. Has there ever been a conflict in human history that was won in a courtroom? Do you believe we would still have been alive today if our ancestors had pleaded with the Sultan not to rape women and kill their children instead of slaughtering the Turks?

It is high time for the human race to take a stand and vehemently protect their right to live as well as their freedom. These freaks abuse our rights and our constitution while oppressing us and taking advantage of our dread of them. They make use of the police and the fictitious authority associated with its uniform, as if there were some higher authorities to whom common citizens were required to submit. This, however, cannot be further from the truth, the government works for us, not the other way around. They would have no reason to exist otherwise.

Since, according to them, uniforms can legalize their actions, we can also sew ourselves the same uniforms. Like everyone else in the world, free citizens of Bulgaria must band together to form squads that have the authority to detain police officers, politicians, inspectors, doctors, media executives, journalists, and any other scum suspected of experimenting with or imposing fascism on the populace. Since politicians regularly alter the law and the constitution according to what fits theirs needs we are no longer even discussing individuals who violate them. Protection of fundamental, unalienable human rights and privileges that transcend laws and constitutions is now necessary. Damn it! To them even made it illegal for us to breathe normally. When someone, no matter the used weapon, is clearly trying to kill or maim you, your children, relatives and friends, brazenly claiming that you are bound to obey them, because that’s what was recorded in someone’s order or ordinance, the only thing you must do, if you still have your pride and dignity, is to cut their throat, or lose your life while trying so.

The experimental injections they administered to adults were cruel and inhumane, but what they did to the children is unconscionable. The way a society treats the weak and vulnerable—and who is more helpless than infants and adolescents? — is one of the key indicators of the level of civilization. Both the underwriters and the independent white-clad contractors should receive the death penalty for their roles in the widespread slaughter and desecration of children caused by the biological weapon known as the COVID vaccination. Excuses such as ‘I had no idea what I was doing’ or ‘I was only performing my job’ are inadequate. The same way the Nazis' excuses were not acceptable when they were brought before the Nuremberg court, which handed down a death sentence for the experiments they carried out in the death camps.

The time has come to put an end to the madness and genocide! We must stand as one against the common adversary now more than ever!

During the pandemic years, in many countries, including our, all of a sudden, new parties, at first glance definitely embodying common sense, shined on the horizon. They are quickly gathering followers since their leaders often speak truth and no riddles on the media. Of course, that’s exactly what people are looking for and it is not very difficult for them to get “hooked” and to start supporting them. They are thinking: “We must give them a chance, because the only alternative to this is the civil war, and as we all know – even the worst kind of peace is better than the best war.” Such a party in Bulgaria is Vyzrazhdane (literally translated, Revival). Its leader, Kostadin Kostadinov, is extremely active and consistent in his actions. I doubt that there would be anyone who would oppose to his demonstrated desire to revive the country and his strong position against the fascist measures? But do we have to accept everything at face value? What if even he, as his predecessors, turns out to be a controlled opposition, whose only role is to suppress the tension among the herd on its way to the slaughterhouse? Kostadin, as well as each and every one of his clonings in the world, plays perfectly well their cards, and sooner or later, will reach the power, but what will undoubtfully make him stand out in the crowd of marionettes, will be exactly his next move. In order to prove he is real, he first needs to fight himself, since the only right manoeuvre through which he can cheat the System, is fighting his ego, and, fundamentally, changing the structure of the new-born party. Only in this way will the concept, which has garnered millions of believers, remain immune to the cunning plans and tricks of the puppet masters. Revival will finally reach its full potential, and the Trojan horse that entered the parliament will produce a surprise even for its inventor. The organization must internally evolve into a civil institution with decentralized management after being made legally recognized as a party. It is proposed that the structure of the principle of direct democracy makes it difficult for a single member to make choices without the support of all other members, even at the level of architecture. I'm aware that what I'm saying seems odd to many of the proponents of the classical ruling model, but please realize that if we continue to follow the regime's rules, we will never be able to change it! We can't keep making the same mistakes and expect a different outcome. We require an entirely new strategy, ideology, and approach. History has repeatedly demonstrated that no matter how strong an arrow is, eventually a way will be found to break it. However, the enemy's quest becomes nearly impossible when he encounters a strong beam. This is precisely why the system, regardless of political, ethnic, religious, sporting, or medical reasons, tries all it can do to centralize government and keep us perpetually separated.

The situation in Ukraine is further evidence of what I have said. Let's take a moment to quickly review the facts before I make any further comments. Without anyone encouraging them, much less letting them, a German-Swiss sociopath and the group he represents (the Planet Economic Forum) have taken it upon themselves to privatize the world in an effort to purportedly preserve it. The plan is complex; after hiring and training agents, they put them in different managerial roles so they can carry out their strategy. Thus, they established a curriculum called ‘Global Leaders of Tomorrow’ and started training cadres meant to infiltrate international governments as early as 1992 (the same year they adopted Agenda 21). Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Ma, Jimmy Wales, and many others are just a few of the world leaders who have graduated from the program; including other notorious people, such as Vladimir Putin. Because of this, we have been witnessing the same policy being implemented by other nations for years, regardless of which party is in power. This has become particularly clear during the epidemic, and their ongoing separation into rival camps that we witness on a daily basis is a crucial component of their control strategy. Another conflict would be ideal for playing this part. The Elite enjoys keeping up many independent logics of the events that it draws our attention to. Of course, those meant for the general public are the most prevalent and well-liked. In this situation, the guy identified as Putin attacked Ukraine fairly legitimately and to some extent, even justifiably. In the media, perceived or real authority will strive for attention by analyzing, vehemently disputing, and taking one or the other side of the conflict. This is the logic at the most vulgar level. Zelensky and Putin are both clowns performing in the same troupe, though, if we reawaken our senses and examine the matter rationally, one supposedly helps the country by releasing repeated offenders into the civilian population while arming them, while the other completely destroys the Pharmafia and starts a war that diverts the attention away from the real issue. Specifically, the fact that the WHO is covertly promoting treaties at the same time that a state of emergency is declared, robbing all residents of the 194 member states of their constitutional rights. On the backs of defenseless Ukrainian residents who are forced to pay with their lives and property for the reality show they are using to divert our attention; this is how the new world government is effectively given official legitimacy in the eyes of this wicked corporate enterprise. By the way, the European Council quietly changed Resolution 2361 and no longer opposes mandatory vaccination. Additionally, the legislation establishing required certificates or digital IDs for every Union resident is being prepared. They are working so hard to transition to a fully digital currency as soon as feasible because of this. Belgium has already set up ATMs that require a valid QR code in order to withdraw money. In reality, this is the final step towards the establishment of global fascism since, if all of our money is virtual, they will be able to ban or invalidate it whenever they like for any activity they consider to be against their interests. Ask a Canadian truck driver or a regular Russian citizen if you don't believe me. What do you think about the BGN 12 billion that Bulgaria will get from the EU as part of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, which places a focus on the digitalization and green transition? The same program states that the Union as a whole will receive 800 billion euros. The so-called climate quota is the next stage. The puppet masters have been employing the tried-and-tested problem-reaction-solution model to control us for years. Of course, they propose dystopian fascist control over the individual as a remedy to their two fictitious but nonexistent concerns, COVID-19 and climate change. As I've already said, the main reason people use false vaccine passports is to give them the freedom to shop and travel. To observe and manage every action we do and purchase we make, they work toward full digitization. Their deranged artificial intelligence will figure out the fictitious "expenditure" of carbon dioxide required to produce the goods we purchase (whether clothes, electronics or food). Similar credit cards have already been developed by the Swedes. The concept is that once you exceed a certain monthly cap (which is minuscule, by the way), you are prohibited from leaving the house or shopping until your carbon allowance is refreshed. They refer to the certificates as ‘green’ for precisely this reason. As part of their strategy to enslave the populace, they will now claim that there is a fuel scarcity due to the war with Russia and will push civilization even harder toward all-electric vehicles. They will be able to remotely decide at any time who, where, and when has the right to move thanks to this technology. The future that the hellhounds are planning for us will require us to practically pay for our own existence and the emission of carbon dioxide, entirely disobeying God's plan that supplied everything for free and designed us to function in this way.

I advise individuals who have lost touch with reality and find what has been said thus far ridiculous, to switch off their televisions, quit using Facebook, Instagram, and the other time-killer TikTok, and to stop "educating" themselves through Google. The system has never tried to keep you informed about what was happening; instead, it continuously used all of its resources to divert your attention from the key issues. Because of this, there are a lot of people out there who are familiar with Victoria Beckham's diet and Brad Pitt's romantic affairs but have no clue about the true events shaping our future.

In this universe, there have always been three types of people. The audience that is mostly asleep is the first and largest (approximately 60%), and it's no accident that English speakers refer to them as "sheeples." In actuality, they are completely insufficient and helpless against the fabrications of institutions that ‘wear’ authority clothes. No matter how absurd the assertions are or how often they are refuted by evidence, the herd will always blindly accept them. If the ‘sheep people's’ minds ever existed, they are currently in an uncurable coma. They never ask each other questions and obediently carry out all orders. If they are informed, they may even wear masks home and disregard reason. If offered to give their kids a vaccine, they will accept it without questioning the vaccine's usefulness or its contents. The most intriguing aspect of this group is that, in addition to consisting of blatant idiots, it is also full of people who appear to be incredibly brilliant and educated but who, in reality, are nothing more than perfectly good, soulless calculators.

The bulk of those who use critical thinking and observe what is occurring, do not agree with it, but yet resignedly obey the commands: this represents the second category and is just half the previous. They comply because they fear what will happen if they don't. The persons in question will go to inject the vaccine even if they are well aware that it could be the last thing they ever do, if only to avoid losing their jobs or being restricted from traveling around freely.

According to the evidence, these two groups, which together make up around 90% of the society, are to be blamed for all tyranny that has ever existed because it could not have succeeded without their complicity and indifference.

Thankfully, there is a third category of individuals, which David Icke refers to as "renegade brains." Like other critical thinkers, they observe what is going on, but unlike them, they never participate in it when they don't like it and are instead prepared to battle to the last end to change it. This small but influential group of disobedient people brought about the fall of every dictatorship in recorded human history!

Finally, I'll share a truth with you that not everyone will be able to comprehend or accept. Neither Putin nor Biden referred to the people we've thought them to be; instead, their personas were simply utilized as avatars. Our puppet Kiro, who appears completely out of place and painfully recites poorly memorized phrases to the camera, while his mind wanders someplace on Grindr, has a similar function. The basic goal of reality television is to divide and subjugate the general populace. The ongoing conflict will be used as an excuse to rob people of their natural resources, inflate prices, and establish a global government. Since the Elite aim to shatter our delusion that we live in a democracy and implement the dismal Chinese credit system worldwide, Russia and China are predicted to triumph this time.

Unfortunately, they did not account for a tiny issue, as this cannot occur during our shift! All members of the World Economic Forum will be detained when Vidovdan draws near and hauled before the people's court for the heinous crimes they have committed against people and the environment. The national traitors who took part in them will suffer the same fate. But do not believe that this spells the end; rather, the actual adversary has always been hiding in plain sight.

Being awake in a world where the majority is soundly asleep is a privilege, but it also carries heavy burdens. They have no one else to rely on, thus we are their only future hope. Some people believe that the hardest step is usually the first one. However, when fighting for freedom, the hardest step is simply to stop supporting tyrants via your complicity. The Rulers have tried their best in recent years to make our lives challenging, but the tide has turned, and it is now time to pay them back.