The so-called green certificate is not issued because of the vaccination against COVID-19, as propaganda brazenly suggests, and has never been its main purpose. Think about it, there is no way they can get you a certificate for something that is not even certified for use in our country, this is madness.

The digital document in question is in fact an infiltration into Western societies of a social credit system similar to the Chinese one. Of course, this will be done in stages, like everything unpopular they introduce using the Overton Window method. First, they will make sure everyone gets a green certificate, whether they are vaccinated or just tested at home. It is much more important for them to put you in their database once, and then through it to constantly monitor your behavior and model it, determining what privileges you have. If you are obedient, you will have some normal rights, which if you do not follow the orders, will be gradually taken away, and the final step is not to be able to even leave your home without being arrested.

Therefore, in no case do not get a green certificate, especially with the help of a fake vaccine, because in this way, naively entering their rut, you legitimize their actions and participate in your own enslavement. In fact, the exact opposite must be done, a complete boycott and mass non-fulfillment of any of the unconstitutional, fascist, and inhumane measures they impose!

Source: Game of Gods I - The Rise of the Fall (edited version)