We decided to share the story of a Bulgarian mother, in our opinion it is indicative enough for the psycho-dispensary in which we were placed:
"People, I went to my son's school today. I'm shocked!!! These people - all there - have lost touch with their minds. A locked door meets me, I start knocking, and a lady arrives and asks me what I want. I say I want a meeting with the director, and she tells me, "Do you have a green certificate?" I ask her who she is to ask for a certificate - I'm human, not a commodity - to have various certificates. They put a shower cabin at the entrance of the school, children go through it and spray them with disinfectants like cockroaches (by the way, they infect and poison them - editor's note). Even in hospitals, there is no such thing ... This is not a school, but a prison, medical fascists go wild there.

medical fascism at school

How did we allow this to happen ??? How ??? And how long will we be silent ??? In the end, the school director came out after we could not enter and the scandal was spectacular ... I just told them to look around and wake up from a deep sleep in which they sleep sweetly, sweetly - financially padded of course. To look around and see where they have taken her and whether it looks like school to them. The director, crushed and trembling, said they were simply following orders. They and Goring and Himmler said so at the Nuremberg Trials ... Do I have a conscience I asked, how do they sleep at night ??? In two weeks I am there again, this time with documents and the Constitution in hand. The money goes with the student, they take their money, sleep and sleep and die for fear of losing their salaries, and education for 40% of the children in Bulgaria simply does not exist. Let's drop the children off from school and let them sit in prisons and get disinfected, vaccinated, masked, certified, and whatever else they want ...
I will sue them separately for denying education and for turning our schools, which were built by our mothers, fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers, into medical concentration camps. I have no words, but I have the nerve to go through hell to overthrow the rotten system ... For Bulgaria to have it !!!

~ a worried mother ~