The world is shaking, and NGOs are worried about the flashing lights at our traffic lights. And if this is not a hoax right in the eyes of the Bulgarians?

"11 NGOs against the flashing green light" informs us of the propaganda puppet known as media "24 hours". The organizations in question, who somehow slept comfortably that all of the government's measures against the pLandemic were illegal, are now suddenly concerned that we were not allowed to use a flashing green light before it was legally regulated. Can you imagine how these organizations have been wondering for months "independently" what "good" things to do for our society, and somehow at the same time they decide that we do not deserve such relief, although experience has shown that it significantly reduces the road accidents. The complete lack of logic in this malicious campaign and the suspicious synchronicity in the actions of the initiators is obvious even for a slow-growing person. But how could it be otherwise, since that is exactly their function. One of the main methods of controlling the herd is to divert attention and redirect the accumulated negative energy in a safe direction for the authorities. Thus, instead of discussing and fighting real problems, the more primitive citizens will waste their time commenting with swear words on the stupid proposals of the NGOs. That is why, when it becomes hot for the government, absurd ideas are periodically released in the media, such as the outright idiocy "bonus-malus". The goal is for our minds to be constantly engaged in everything else, but not in the essential events.