Dear Janet & Cyntha,

In episode 28 ot Fall of the Cabal, you mentioned that Bill Gates is tied to a Chinese firm “mining” Americans’ DNA. The truth is that US firms first started to collect Russian DNA data around 2005. Recently Bill Evanino (CIA agent) was questioned in court in relation to Chinese firms stealing Americans’ DNA with so-called “Covid tests”. Those are NOT “Covid tests”. With so-called “Covid tests” DNA electromagnetic signal is copied and transmitted to a large digital database.

The fact is that there is a technology for digital control of humans ONLY by their DNA electromagnetic signals. The DNA molecule emits a weak electromagnetic signal. This weak electromagnetic signal can be detected and can be used as a tracking chip by 5G “internet”. 5G is NOT an internet!!! 5G is a marked target weapon. It is possible to control people only by their DNA electromagnetic signal. No need for an additional “chip” to be inserted with injections. The whole Covid hoax was staged in order to collect DNA data with so-called “Covid tests”.

Dear Janet and Cyntha, please research this info and include it in your series!