The global control system requires constant vaccination and "fully vaccinated" is not foreseen. Redefining the term in question is one of the means of planting endless booster vaccines, as the digital document will expire at a certain time after each dose, and with it the "freedoms" of its holders. In Israel and Australia, citizens now have to receive a new injection every six months or lose their rights. The Prime Minister of the Province of Victoria in Australia Daniel Andrews said that in the future people's lives will be "maintaining vaccination status." It is very clear that one of the ideas behind certificates is the creation of segregation. It is no coincidence that major health organizations around the world have changed several definitions of medical terms, including the definitions of "vaccine", "collective immunity" and "pandemic". After updating the definition of "fully vaccinated", the lies of the propaganda that we live in a pandemic of unvaccinated people take on a completely different meaning, because each injected person will fall into the category of "losers" as soon as he misses another needle.


The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has hinted at extending its COVID-19 vaccine policy to oblige companies to inject their employees or face heavy fines. By removing the restrictive criteria for serious illness (including high mortality) and leaving only "widespread infection" as the only condition for a pandemic, the World Health Organization can declare the onset whenever it wishes. And because the WHO has emergency powers over its 194 member states, as soon as it declares an international public health problem, they are obliged to follow its directives. That is why with each new flu wave, the media agitate around the clock for the need to control and impose restrictions on the population. In essence, the World Health Organization plays the role of a World Government that no nation has elected and whose decisions are not subject to any democratic scrutiny, ie. the biggest dream of the fascists, sorry, globalists is already a fact.

By redefining certain words and terms, the Elite is trying to change our perception of truth and falsehood, distorting the officially circulated "science" to the point of complete contradiction with reality. That's why we are so relentlessly inculcated to believe her claims instead of verifying them (which is, in fact, the only true scientific approach). The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently shocked medical experts by changing the definition of a vaccine from "a product that builds immunity and protects the body from disease" to "a drug that stimulates the body to respond to the disease but does not protect it.". Of course, in fact, vaccines do not work for either, but the definition has been changed to correct their damaged reputation as much as possible, as even covidiots have found that they are neither immunized nor have they stopped spread the "disease".

There is no single vaccine criterion used before 2020 for the COVID-19 mess to be. This means that the pseudo-vaccines in question will never be able to create collective immunity, although "health experts" have promised us that when we achieve 70% vaccination, we will forget about coronavirus.

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