If someone still lives with the illusion that people are dying from COVID-19 and not from "medical care", the story below is just for him.

A Latvian medical worker who worked for 8 years in the intensive care unit of a pneumology and infectious diseases clinic was disciplined because her conscience could not stand it, and revealed information from the "kitchen" about what was happening there. Following the announcement of the pandemic, the hospital where Marina Kranatovska served was immediately transformed into a COVID clinic. She noticed that the arriving patients diagnosed with coronavirus were in a completely normal condition and did not need any intensive care, but many of them ended their lives in artificial ventilation. A strange change in the treatment protocol for pneumonia also made an impression, because the drug "Nimbex" was added to it - a neurorelaxant that blocks muscles, including those involved in breathing. Also, the dose of the preparation prescribed to the patients according to the new protocol was four times higher than the maximum allowed according to the leaflet. This quickly blocked the patient's respiratory muscles and they literally could not breathe. The medical worker observed patients who were in adequate condition and self-cared on admission to the hospital, but after only three days of treatment with Nimbex, they could no longer breathe without an oxygen mask, and after a few more days they underwent intubation of the trachea with artificial ventilation. So for about a week people died, but the doctors repeated the procedure constantly.

Doctor serial killer


source: GAME OF GODS I - The Rise of The Fall