On November 23, I was compelled to write an article exposing the “documentary” Died Suddenly for what it truly is, a Psy-Op solely made to discredit real factual information; to keep the virus-lie alive, and to make any anti-vaccine movement look like desperate conspiracy lunatics. Still, a lot of people claiming to be “truthers” shared and raved about this disgusting piece of crap, simply because they wanted to shove it in the faces of those who ignored our warnings about the vaccine. Their ego was bigger than their discernment and they couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

And that was the reason why I wrote my articles explaining this psy-op and how controlled opposition works. How they hijack true information, undermine it, twist it, add a bunch of nonsense to make it easy to ridicule and debunk, all while staying away from the core lies and playing on the emotions and the ego of those who will share and spread their ‘work.’

As I write this, early morning on November 27, more than 31,700 (unique) people have read my article exposing this ‘Died Suddenly’ fronted by controlled opposition and most likely Freemason Stew Peters. Thank you everyone for sharing it, as it now surpassed my previous record of 30k views for the Trucker Freedom Convoy Psy-Op.
And again, my articles about ‘Died Suddenly’ have nothing to do with the fact that vaccines are extremely harmful and deadly, as I’ve covered that fact more times than any other writer on the Internet. They were written solely to expose the controlled opposition behind it, and the damage it will do to the community and to us doing our best to expose lies and deceit, such as the core-lie that viruses do not exist, as this ‘fake-a-mentary’ furthers the infodemic, the modern-day book-burning and censorship as part of Agenda 2030.

Fortunately, a lot of informed people with real backbones stood up and exposed this scam of a documentary, unafraid of all the hatred and childish backlash from baby-truthers with inflated egos and a hefty dose of Stockholm Syndrome.
While I included some screenshots of such brave and honorable people in my two previous articles, more have emerged since then.

Below is a really good article that deserve recognition and if I get or find more, I’ll update this article or make another follow-up.

Government critic and voluntaryist Etienne de la Boetie wrote this excellent piece on November 26 that digs deep into the false facts and the grift programming of the production. A big thank you to Dr. Tom Cowan for sending the link. Here’s a short excerpt:

First, the documentary, like rat poison, is overwhelmingly good food… otherwise, the rats wouldn’t consume it.  It is bringing the uncomfortable truth of vaccine-related deaths and adverse events into the light BUT doing it in a way that will discredit the information with liberals and intellectuals. Based on simply extrapolating the data from the world’s leading vaccine adverse effects reporting systems (VAERS in the US, EudraVigilance in Europe, the UK’s Yellow Card, and Australia’s DAER system there are an estimated 20 million dead from the “vaccines” vs. less than 7 million dead from “The Covid”

The documentary is also gatekeeping some of the most important truths that protect the pharmaceutical industry:

  • The “virus” was a scam and “SARS Cov-2” has never been isolated or proven to cause the death and disease that was attributed to it
  • The “pandemic” was a scam generated by fake PCR and Antigen tests, reclassifying the season flu, financially incentivizing hospitals to classify everyone as “covid”, harmful therapeutics and treatments like Remdesivir and ventilators that produce sickness that is then blamed on “Covid”, and monopoly media deception among other tricks.
  • That “viruses” aren’t what we have been led to believe by the multi-trillion dollar pHARMaceutical industry and their bought-and-paid-for victims of regulatory capture. I.E. The WHO, NIH, CDC, and NIAID who have relabeled a naturally occurring seasonal detox “The Flu” and then relabeled it for 2020-2021 to the Covid to sell hundreds of billions in “vaccines” to a gullible public.

The documentary is steering the audience into Stew Peters and keeping them in the fake left-right paradigm: “Government” is legitimate and everyone needs to just vote harder vs. exposing that “governments” were behind the “The Covid” and the “vaccines” and the whole episode could never have happened without the top-down authoritarian control of information and populations that “Covid” required and “Governments” delivered.

Both the documentary and Stew Peters have all the hallmarks of controlled opposition: Slick production values, a modicum of truth, wrapped in subtle propaganda designed to shoot your credibility with your friends family and colleagues through the inclusion of idiocy and verifiable falsehoods that allow the film to be easily discredited while stealing the oxygen from competing Covid investigations and documentaries.

Source: bartoll.se