November 29, 2021: The first country to resist medical fascism is Guadalupe!

When Macron introduced the Certificate in Guadeloupe (a Caribbean island with a population of 400,000), as well as mandatory vaccination for medical workers, the revolution broke out! On November 15, all unions went on a general strike. The country is dying. The people rose as one and besieged government buildings, barricaded streets, blocked hospitals and vaccination centers. The police have been swept away.

An illegal new organization is smashing an arms depot and arming itself with rifles. Shots are exchanged. Paris is in a panic. On November 20, Macron sent an additional 200 special police officers and 50 commandos, but the protests did not stop. Guadeloupe is burning. Radical revolutionaries shoot real bullets at police cars. Even with extra strength, Macron is powerless in front of 400,000 people! November 27, 2021 - Macron capitulates! The President of France repealed the decree on certification and compulsory vaccination in Guadeloupe and recognized the autonomy of the region to choose for itself what measures to introduce. The revolution triumphs - the first country wins its freedom!

source: Telegram