Hello, friends! We are delighted to announce that Angel Angelov's book "GAME OF GODS I - The Rise of the Fall" has been translated into English and is now being sold (currently only in ebook format) on Amazon.com. Please spread this information among your English-speaking friends, as this will help the author and the website's editorial team. The more people we awaken and make aware of what is happening, the greater our chances of disconnecting from the Matrix!

>> You can purchase the book in English HERE

Book Summary:

The trilogy "Game of Gods" by Bulgarian writer Angel Angelov falls into the genre of documentary journalism. The books trace the development of the latest human civilization, which we are contemporaries of, and not only describe its main problems without any censorship but also offer a plan to solve them. The first part of "Game of Gods," subtitled "The Rise of the Fall," focuses on the so-called "coronavirus pandemic" announced on March 13, 2020, but it is not limited to that. The work has over 25 chapters and follows most of the scams through which the ruling elite manipulates and controls the masses. Special attention is paid to the form and nature of the place we inhabit, breaking down the claim that the Earth is a revolving sphere in an endless self-created universe. The reasons for the moral decline and degradation of contemporary society leading us towards normalizing sex with children and their chemical castration through sex reassignment are pointed out. Other problematic topics are addressed, including chemical spraying in the sky, climate control, the true function of 5G networks, Agenda 21, the social credit system, fascism, mass censorship, and the real purpose of vaccines.

All claims in the book are based on actual scientific evidence, grounded in sound reasoning, ironclad logic, and proven experiments, rather than on the religious fanaticism of pseudo-science propagated by the mainstream media.

The first part of the trilogy, titled "Game of Gods I - The Rise of the Fall," was written between March 2020 and April 2021 and officially released in Bulgarian in the summer of 2021. The second and third parts will be titled "Game of Gods II - New Religion" and "Game of Gods III - Rebirth." The author has not yet provided detailed information about their content, but they are expected to be released by the 2030s.

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