This. NOT okay. Talk about depopulation agenda 2030... Suicide MADE EASY! They don't care how you die, just as long as you do. Their motto is "Where Art Meets Its End". "Switzerland has officially approved the use of the first capsule for suicide. The creators plan to start mass application Sarco next year. The code for the capsule will be available after passing the online test. If after the start of the procedure the person has changed his mind to die - if he has time, he can press the button and the capsule door will open. The "client" goes inside, lies down, and presses the button. The space is filled with nitrogen, and the oxygen level drops to 1 percent. The developers report that the person feels "a little disoriented", but does not panic. The "procedure" takes 30 seconds. The manufacturer promises a comfortable demise."

Sarco suicide capsule