The preparation and irradiation of the public consciousness for years through films frightening us with attacks from alien or asteroid apocalypses has obviously approached its natural apogee. In recent months, the media has been warming us up daily with news of dangerously passing space objects, or the next official UFO footage from NASA or the Pentagon. Of course, for all who know the true nature of the world in which we live, it is very clear that we will not be attacked by aliens or meteorites from space, because both things do not exist in the way suggested by propaganda. (I'm not saying that there are no other humanoid civilizations, on the contrary, such a possibility is extremely real, they just certainly don't live on imaginary orbs flying in an endless vacuum, billions of light-years away from us…). What can actually happen is a missile (or some secret weapon) attack on all key cities and capitals around the world. Nothing new, we have seen their destruction through cinema thousands of times (predictive programming). The strikes will hit land and water, with the latter having the potential to cause devastating tsunamis. Everything will be presented to the population, as one of the above 2 hypotheses, and maybe a third, such as the war from the franchise "Terminator". Implementing such a plan is not difficult at all, the technology has long been available, the mass media capable of conducting the show - also, and last but not least, the Americans have over 800 military bases scattered around the world.

It may be that the coronavirus circus and the vaccine scare are just smoke in the eyes. They know the psychology of the crowd very well and despite all the manipulations, they are perfectly prepared for an option in which over 70% of people will refuse vaccinations. Then the "soft" war they are currently waging will quickly change its consistency because they have already revealed their cards to us and there is no going back for them.

Another no less realistic scenario is the one we were introduced to in the movies "Kingsman" and "Bird Box", namely by giving a specific frequency signal from 5G phones and antennas, people will literally freak out and start killing each other, completely destroying the modern social order. The same thing can also happen from brain inflammation caused by the GMO viruses in "the vaccines" (just like in the movie "I'm a legend").

As you can see, the possible scenarios for a future mass apocalypse are not few, and it is for something like this that the group around the World Economic Forum is preparing. After such an attack, no matter how it is presented, the cities will quickly be filled with "guarding" military. This will be the trigger for the official introduction of an international government and a new world order.


source: GAME OF GODS I - The Rise of The Fall