Yesterday, scandalous material from investigative journalist James O'Keefe III and Project Veritas was published on the web. The main character in the videos (suspiciously similar to an American reality show) is Jordan Walker, working for Pfizer as director of research and strategic planning. In them, we see how the gentleman in question (who is, of course, a black gay man) imagines that he is on a date with another man, when in fact he is the victim of a hidden camera. During the men's dump, just like a villain from a movie without anyone forcing him, Jordan with a smile on his face reveals to us the plans of the satanic organization he works for.

There is no need for me to retell the videos in detail, anyone interested can watch them for themselves. However, I want to carry out a brief analysis of the incident and let's see what conclusions it will lead us to. I will deliberately omit to comment that morally degraded and depraved individuals, incapable of creating families and children (such as the already mentioned fag), living only to satisfy their urges, without a single care for the future of society, are placed in such positions. Here I intend to analyze something far more important, interesting and hidden, namely mind control technologies, so let's get straight to the point:

First of all, don't you think how awful transparent another déjà vu is? The "incident" with Jordan is far from the only one involving senior Pfizer employees recently, on the contrary, people who work there seem to be eager to sit down with strangers in a bar and share with them the infernal plans of the corporation. Even Walker himself hints during the conversation that he is worried about being staged, but that doesn't stop him from telling us all his secrets.

Second, don't you find it at least mildly suspicious how the biggest platforms in the world that censor and delete any and all videos on the topic of COVID-19 before they're even posted, now a full 24 hours after the "leak" are somehow still being pleasantly distracted? James O'Keefe's investigation is currently fully available to the general public on Project Veritas' YouTube and Twitter channels and has already been viewed by tens of millions of people.

Hmm, is it possible that the material contains information that people must believe with conviction? I'm not saying anything, I'm just thinking "out loud"…

Alas, a large portion of society (even the so-called awakened) still does not understand how complex the Matrix's propaganda machine is and how insidious its schemes are.

In the video, Jordan Walker tells us that Pfizer is trying to artificially mutate and improve the virus, then create "working" vaccines for their proprietary strains, and release them on the market as soon as they can infect the population. He also mentions that the "virus" started in Wuhan, but unfortunately they missed out on making money from some of its variations like "Delta" and "Omicron" because they were not prepared.

Obviously, the idea here is for the average citizen to say to himself, "If such information is revealed to us in secret, then it must be true."

Nice try, but this time the trick sucks! Everything is perfectly played, except for one small problem -  the virus has never been isolated! So what are Pfizer's secret labs experimenting with, and what exactly do their vaccines contain? In fact, the entire "Germ theory of disease" on which modern pharmaceuticals are based is no coincidence that to this day it remains just a theory (assumption), scientifically unproven by Koch's postulates.

After all, the goal of another mind control exercise for the proletariat is to train its belief that some evil scientists are developing vaccines to protect the population from an artificially created and released virus. That is - there are viruses, vaccines work, and by the way, Pfizer is untouchable - you know!

The drama of the manipulators, however, is that today even children are aware that the real purpose of vaccines has always been anything but saving us from computer-generated images...

Author: Angel Angelov