In South Korea - Seoul on the night of Halloween more than 150 people suddenly died of a heart attack and at least as many have suffered. The official version, of course, is intended for the retarded who have the nasty habit of watching the news on TV. According to the mass media, the victims (mostly between 18-25 years old) suffered a heart attack as a result of the stampede??? Since when is it normal for young and healthy people to fall like flys, journalists are silent.
Strange how no one notices the fact that in 95% vaccinated against COVID-19 in Korea, there is full 5G coverage. The installation of the new antennas has recently been completed in the area in question.
Could it be that because of the holiday, they have released a 5G frequency from the higher range to make sure that the party will be remembered for a long time? Witnesses say a wave of falling bodies passed through the crowd. Is it a coincidence, or is it some new fashion among the young, to die suddenly in sync? I don't know, let the scientists we "trust" share...

And for your homework, we leave it to you to check how graphene in vaccines interacts with 5G frequencies.