The cause of COVID infection is not a virus. The causative agent of COVID-19 was patented in 2015 (then tests, vaccines, and everything related to this genocide was patented). However, viruses cannot be patented, neither natural nor laboratory-created.
Here you can find a comprehensive list of 120 patents related to functions that are related to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Why is that?

Natural viruses cannot be patented because they are considered to be created by nature, and artificial viruses cannot be patented because they are considered biological weapons under the Geneva Convention. Therefore, the causative agent of COVID is not a virus. That's why he got a patent, and that makes him a biological weapon.

Nano-particles (smart dust) can be patented. So far, only 4 countries are developing and implementing smart dust technology: the United States, Russia, Israel, and China. Smart dust nanoparticles can cause the same symptoms as "viruses", but are much easier to manage.

Any virus (laboratory or natural) would lose virulence when it encounters cohort immunity, while smart dust nanoparticles never lose their ability to "infect". Smart dust nanoparticles are the same size as "viruses", but are much more virulent. Covid is not a viral disease, Covid is a nano-toxicosis. When interacting with biological tissues, nanomaterials cause oxidative stress by generating super-reactive free radical species, leading to genotoxicity, mitochondrial damage, lysosomal dysfunction, and ultimately cell necrosis or apoptosis. Briefly, symptoms of nano-toxicosis include fever, bilateral bronchopneumonia, loss of sense of smell and taste, dizziness, and so on. The differential diagnosis between the so-called. COVID and nano-toxicosis indicate that the symptoms coincide 100%.

Such a large-scale plandemia is not organized by viruses, but by nanoparticles. First of all, because smart dust nanoparticles can be managed in this way to provide the required number of infected (poisoned) per day. Secondly, because nanoparticles are difficult to detect in tissues at autopsy.

This is the reason why there is no COVID virus isolate anywhere in the world. Because COVID-19 is not caused by a virus, but by a nanoparticle. This is the reason why autopsies should not be performed because a more qualified pathologist can guess that this is not a viral disease, but a nano-toxicosis.

In nano-toxicosis it is contraindicated to use antibiotics because it increases the poisoning of the body. In addition, it is contraindicated to use artificial respiration with an oxygen apparatus, because they burn the bronchi. This is exactly the protocol for "treating" the virus in the Kovid wards, and that's why there are so many deaths.


Human cells form antibodies not only against viruses. Anti-bodies are also formed against prions, nano-particles, etc. In short, in healthy people, these physiological functions effectively protect the body and minimize the toxicity caused by exposure to nanoparticles. However, in diseased populations, some of these physiological functionalities are deactivated, leading to a risk of toxicity after exposure to nanoparticles.

The COVID "virus" has never been observed under a microscope. Only exosomes are observed under a microscope. Exosomes are small fragments of human, not "viral" RNA that a cell releases when it has been subjected to stress - chemical poisoning, electromagnetic radiation, and so on.

In Russia, a Nano-Safety Committee has been set up to determine the levels of contamination of soil, water, air, and food with nano-particles. The richest people in Russia are involved in nanotechnology. Nanoparticles can cause the symptoms of any disease and can treat various diseases.

In short: Covid is not a viral disease. There is no point in wearing masks and doing "tests".

If smart dust nanoparticle spraying is stopped, the Kovid "infection" will disappear because it is not an "infection" but a nano-toxicosis.