You will excuse me for the rude and vulgar statement, but...

This human scum, calling herself LGBTQPIA+ (and herself not knowing what else), having no respect for children, God, or nature, constantly reminds herself by organizing parades of shame and debauchery, which she ironically calls "Pride" (just as their master Satan turns the truth upside down).

The representatives of the pathetic NGOs pushing such an ideology in our country with a single goal – the breakdown of families and the corruption of our children, deserve to be thrown into a pit, doused with hot tar, and sent prematurely to the kingdom of their idol. As harsh as it sounds, it's the least I would wish for them, considering the thousands of teenagers deceived by their lies, subjected to "voluntary" chemical castration and inhumanely cruel lifelong mutilation. At one time, the mentally ill sent them to therapy, and in the "brave new world" they are assured that they are the standard of normality, while their organs are brutally cut off.

Before the tolerant gets convulsed with foam at the mouth, fiercely defending the non-standard-orientation specimens, see below what the bastard does in the clip to the gleefully cheering crowd. Until now, they acted cautiously, one spoonful at a time, but now they are revealing their true nature to us without worry.


Expect very soon an official addition to their acronym of pedophilia, zoophilia, satanism, cannibalism, and whatever other pathologies leading us to Sodom and Gomorrah. It has long been no longer necessary to hide them behind a plus...

All governments supporting "Euro-Atlantic values" not only condone creatures like this but want to put them in school to "educate" your children. And here we are not talking about a conspiracy, as the misguided sheep souls would bleat, but about an undeniable fact that is already happening in the west.

The mission of the LGBTQ community is to spread like a tumor metastasis its sick worldview until complete decays and destroys our civilization from within.

They don't just disrespect life, they mock it before our eyes, desecrating the most sacred act of bringing it to Earth - the birth.

Бебе дилдо

A plastic baby - a dildo that mentally ill men, pretending to be women, shove deep into their ass to defecate a child and thus "celebrate" the miracle of birth.

...when someone openly cynically degrades the most defenseless creatures, it's kind of hard for me to get past it, because of "political correctness" and upbringing.

Author: Angel Angelov


Children cannot be hypocrites, their reaction speaks volumes. And remember one thing - any man who dresses in women's clothes and seeks contact with adolescents is not a "queen", but an ordinary pedophile!

Цивилизацията ни е тежко болна

Our civilization is seriously ill, and if we do not urgently remove the cause, very soon there will be nothing left of it.