The first thing you need to do if you want to conquer a civilization is to eliminate alpha males or strong men, because they are the ones who protect women and their offspring. Testosterone is the hormone that maintains the fighting spirit needed to show aggression against injustice. We are not only under constant chemical and biological attack, but also under psychological. The Elite's plan for future genders is to feminize men and make women look more masculine. Therefore, in recent years, television and media propaganda has increasingly shown only beta and gamma of the stronger sex. In songs, movies and shows, women are deliberately portrayed in male-dominated roles, while pampered men are often made up and dressed in dresses. This, of course, is just a trick, creating the illusion that women are being given power, when in fact it is just the opposite, as their protection is being taken away. The strong alpha male has always been the one who takes care of the safety and honor of the family. A demoralized and self-respecting society is easy prey for all kinds of tyranny, and vice versa, when a nation has dignity, it can never be enslaved, because people will stand up and say at the cost of their lives: "No, we will not allow this to our children! ”

source: Game of Gods I The Rise of the Fall