Attention!!! The editor of the website is not fully in agreement with the authors' theses in this article but considers their perspective interesting enough to present it to your attention.

Dr. Robert Malone has got his hands on documents proving that the US has an official depopulation policy.

THIS IS A FACT. But why is that? Why do the globalists insist on the immediate reduction of the Earth's population?

What do humans and animals represent in relation to the Earth? And what is it that we actually DON'T KNOW or don't want to know about the mega-organism on/in which we live?

Yes, that's right - it's a fact - there are officially accepted policies to reduce the population: genderism, LGBT agenda, dysfunctional families, promoting drug addiction, aggression, inducing local wars, introducing viruses, vaccinations, etc. (fill the blank …)

 But why do all this? Why such urgency for population reduction?

The following lines come from a confidential lecture taught to senior military officers:

1. Life evolves in so-called "discrete forms" where the lower life form has no sense of the existence of the higher life form.

2. The bacteria in our guts and on our skin have NO sense of the fact that their entire life takes place on/inside a higher being (man), for whom time and space exist in a completely different way. These microorganisms (bacteria) are the microbiome to us humans. We cannot exist without the functioning of this microbiome. But whenever an imbalance occurs in the microbiome, our body reacts with diarrhea, fever or vomiting. To sense the imbalance, there are specific chemicals that signal to the macroorganism that there is an imbalance in the microbiome.

3. Humans, animals and birds are a microbiome in relation to the Giant Macroorganism Earth, on which our entire existence takes place.

4. Therefore, whenever there is an imbalance in the microbiome (the ratio, not the number! of living organisms), the Earth reacts with changes in temperature, diarrhea or vomiting (flood, cataclysms)

5. This concept won’t to be accepted by the masses (called normies) and therefore globalists accept and implement policies that lead to limiting the number of the population without any explanation: gender policies, promoting homosexuality, single-parent families, abortions, birth control/family planning, economic castration of the male population, instigating local military conflicts, inducing pLandemics, mRNA vaccination which increases the risk of developing cancer, 15-minute cities, nuclear weapons, 5G and other electromagnetic radiation, and many, many other population reducing policies. It is a fact that the Commonwealth of Nations already in the 1990s adopted (agreed on) certain percentages for population reduction of all countries.

Dr. Robert Malone has obtained documents proving that the purpose of those policies is to reduce the earth's population. That is right. But to me, it is important that we all understand the REASON (the deep reason) for implementing these policies. Then the reason behind the apparently inhumane policies to limit CO2, to change human DNA, to limit the birth rate, to promote homosexuality, for "sustainable development", for vaccinations etc. and to reduce the human population in general, will become clear.

Robert Malone correctly understood that these are very purposefully implemented global policies. There are documents clearly proving this fact. But why?

If even one person understands the delicate situation in which the human race exists, it will be a great contribution for us. Thank you!

Authors: Nevena, Darina, Iliyan