Only 3% of the DNA sequence serve for protein coding; the other 97% of the DNA sequence is dedicated to electromagnetic oscillation and to sound emission. Long time ago the “scientists” called those 97% Junk DNA because they did not understand that the main function of DNA macromolecule is to emit those waves.

Human DNA oscillates non-stop and emits biophotons (weak electromagnetic signal) and biophotons (weak sound signal). Those weak signals are the specific resonance frequency of every human being. Those weak lights and sounds cannot be seen or heard. The weak biophoton emission is called DNA fingerprint because every human being emits a unique EM frequency. The weak EM signal that DNA emits can be detected and captured by high-frequency internet such as 5G an 6G. The DNA EM signal can be used as a kind of tracking chip that everybody has inside themselves. No need to inject additional chips or DARPA gel with “vaccines” – we already have a natural “chip” inside our cells – our DNA. DNA frequency (DNA fingerprint) is NOT the same as DNA sequence (A, T, C, G) but they are mutually dependent.

The main goal of Covid Plandemic was NOT the vaccines, but tests. The tests actually were instruments for DNA frequency gathering. In the tests (PCR, blood tests, etc) there is a small electronic marker that captures DNA electromagnetic signal. 5G is a marked target weapon. It targets people by their unique DNA electromagnetic signal and their behavior can be digitally controlled. Thus we call the 5G marked target weapon. All that is needed is to gather the DNA fingerprint of the whole population. For this purpose, a Plandemic was staged in order to have a reason to collect human DNA frequency samples through so-called “tests”.