Back in 2003, the young inventor and business lady Elizabeth Holmes developed and implemented a technology through which absolutely EVERYTHING about a person can be understood just by his fingerprints and his DNA (a drop of blood). You can find out to the second what this person will get sick with, when they will get a particular disease, when they will die (exact date), personality characteristics and many, many other details, the information of which gives you the opportunity to have total control over this person.

Elizabeth Holmes founded the Theranos company and began to exploit this method, but Globalists-Satanists noticed the limitless potential of this technology and declared Elizabeth Holmes a fraud and the method not working. Nowadays the technology is implemented in every country (incl. Russia, China and USA).

A few years after that, under the dictates of the global elite, laws were passed, allegedly for the “good of the people” and for greater "certainty" in criminal registration to take and retain DNA and fingerprints. People wrongly assume that only a DNA sequence is taken to identify the individual himself, but in fact DNA electromagnetic signal is taken down by which the person can be digitally controlled.

Gradually, slowly and imperceptibly, passports with biometric data were introduced for ordinary people as well, not only for those accused of crimes. However, it was difficult to find a compelling reason to force people to undergo mass tests (blood, bocal, with saliva and nasal) that actually yielded a DNA electromagnetic fingerprint.

That's why "genealogy" companies have sprung up, playing on people's curiosity and telling them where they supposedly descend from by taking their DNA.

At a later stage, the covid plandemic was staged and used as an excuse for mass testing. With all of so called “covid tests” DNA fingerprint is taken. It is for digital control over the masses, not for “virus” screening!

At the moment, China and Russia have introduced programs like Ladoshki (Russia!) that take the fingerprints of kindergarteners, schoolchildren and even babies.

The DNA of the babies and the mothers is taken down in the maternity hospital in all the countries where the globalists have occupied the power and the media.

Please check for yourself what Elizabeth Holmes's Theranos technology is and think why for criminal registration of people who have not yet been convicted (proven guilty), but only accused of some crime ( unproven) DNA and fingerprints are taken and retained.

DNA + fingerprints = total control over the individual.

WHY? Because DNA contains the so-called telomeres. They shorten with each cell division. Human cells divide only 52 times. If you have someone's DNA and fingerprints, you can accurately predict when they will die, what illnesses they will suffer from, their personality traits, and so on.

Various banks, pharmaceutical companies, investment, and pension funds are highly interested in this information. It is crucial for their business planning of future expenses and revenues. Your heirs and employers are also interested in knowing the length of your telomeres. That's why DNA is actively traded on the stock market.

Consequently, all global leaders (though puppeteered) avoid taking "COVID tests" to prevent their DNA from being taken.

Only the uninformed masses give away their biometric and genetic data haphazardly, while an informed and intelligent person would never act that way!

Authors: Iliyan Nedev, Darina, Nevena