We recently came across the following title on the website 24chasa.bg "Stop wage growth comes with many unvaccinated: they steal from everyone's pocket." Below in the article, we read “anti-vaccination makes 4 breakthroughs in the Bulgarian economy; the world loses $ 2.3 trillion due to delayed vaccination; a bonus of BGN 1,000 is being considered for pensioners if they are vaccinated ”.

We read and wonder how it is possible in the 21st century to still find deluded souls who take such media seriously and isn't it high time we made a list of all the national traitors to get what they deserve? Here are some questions to ponder if you still can't tell the difference between propaganda and PR articles disguised as "news":

- What is the point of "24 hours" to instill hatred in society, creating epithets and dividing it into waxers and anti-waxers? What do Bulgarian citizens gain from such "news" and for whose interests does the information platform in question work? Where did journalistic ethics and the principle of neutrality go?

- How does the world economy lose 2.3 trillion due to delayed vaccination, when the only winners are the corporations? Why are all the measures and restrictions that the authorities have deliberately ruined the economy, health care, and education tied to forcing someone to use their products? What does Pfizer's turnover have to do with the well-being of the population that the state is so actively forcing us to inject their vaccines? Since when has the function of the authorities been to protect corporations, not citizens, was this not fascism?

- Why is the government willing to give pensioners BGN 1,000 bonus for vaccination, and never before has it thought to give them even half of this amount, for example for Christmas? If the state is so concerned about them, isn't it right to offer them bonuses to eat healthily instead of injecting dubious drugs?

Of course, for an awake mind, the questions are rhetorical. The same funds that run vaccine corporations run both the media and politicians, whose sole function has always been to protect their interests.
But as we like to say in our country, "the one who eats the pie is not crazy." The problem can disappear quickly only if the people abruptly change their defensive position and launch a direct attack on everyone involved in the chain until it finally reaches the guarantors. If we do not do this as soon as possible, the alternative we face is despotism and the suppression of freedom on a scale that even Orwell never dreamed of.

For a beginning, our team will make sure to make a list of all national traitors, including the media, journalists, experts, doctors, politicians, the executive, and more. Let them know that people remember their crimes and sooner or later they will be held accountable!

To be continued…